1) Please take pictures of the mattress without sheets and a close-up of the problem. Pictures must not have bedding on the mattress, view from above the mattress, and view from foot of the bed at mattress level. *Additional documentation may be requested.
2) Please scan a copy of your receipt.

3) Once your claim is received you will be contacted by our Customer Service Advocate/Claims Department at which time your pictures and receipt will be requested if it was not uploaded at time of claim.

Sleep Outfitters Outlet products do not carry a manufactures warranty on any of our mattresses.  We offer a 3-year peace of mind promise that covers any structural defects. We can exchange your mattress for one of equal or greater value. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.



We know that shopping for a mattress can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many different types of mattress feels, all sorts of new technology, and most guests only buy a mattress every decade or so. We’re here to help! Chat or call now to speak with one of our expert Outfitters or check out our FAQs. 

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