Donation Information

We strive to be active in as many areas of the community as possible, within our focus areas of active and healthy lifestyles and youth-based charities. Because of the great amount of requests we receive, please follow the timelines below for request submission.


Event Date

  1. * January to March. Request Deadline: Nov 15, prior year
  2. * April to June. Request Deadline: Feb 15
  3. * July to September. Request Deadline May 15
  4. * October to December. Request Deadline Aug 15
  • Donation Request Steps
  • 1) Fill out the Contact Us form
  • 2) In the Subject line put : Donation Request
  • 3) In the Comments section include: a) Name of your Organization, b) Date of the event and c) what your request is.
  • 4) On the Ticket Type choose "other"
  • 5) In about one week, you will be contacted to let you know if we can fulfill your request

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